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It occurred to me that we, as a society, in general, no longer know how to provide for the very basic need of nourishing our bodies aside from making a trip to the supermarket.   For certain, I don’t.

Living in the luxury of Sonoma County, California, growing groceries should be easy for me (right?).  I have the good fortune of having a friend who owns a magnificent property, complete with raised bed garden, who’s graciously agreed to trade growing space for my pet-sitting services.

It’s my intention to learn the lost art of growing food to sustain one’s life, to share my experiences and information and to bring some humor along the way.  I will also look to you for your valuable advice on many of the hurdles I will no doubt encounter.

Realizing that not everyone has such incredible assets at their disposal, I intend to simultaneously grow a garden in containers, to demonstrate that apartment dwellers or others without a 16×4 growing bed can grow their groceries as well.

Already there are a few experiences to tell you about; so check back or better yet, click the Follow by Email or the RSS Posts buttons to get updated posts on:

  • Bermuda Grass – A pain in my …back
  • Floppy hat, long sleeves and gloves – Not a fashion statement
  • Hoein’ my row – Not a euphemism

I’m looking forward to our adventure – See you around the ranch!


One thought on “About (Home)

  1. janet c. johnson on said:

    I enjoyed reading about your new adventure—and certainly a necessary one in these economic trying times. I have one huge piece of advice for those not living in apartments—I have learned the hard way to place gopher wire under all my plantings—those little buggers just love the roots of everything I have ever planted! Keep up the good work!

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